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 Various Motorcycle panels, Motorscooters

  < Polycarbonate Motocross Body Armour
  Shoulder pad loop repair, now stronger than original
  No heat utilised so the webbing is not affected
  Individual parts of these are not available so a repair can save a lot!

< Helmet Visor Repair

Motorcycle fairings are commonly made of ABS or alloys of ABS & other plastics such as PC (polycarbonate). These types of plastic are very difficult to Hot-Air weld without warping & cracking in varying directions. Small, thin brackets & lugs (& some panels), can be near impossible to reattach or repair as the heat required to weld them simply melts them away.

The panels below have been weld repaired without heat. This means there is very little finishing work needed. They have not been glued, glue does NOT work.

If these were HOT-Air welded, flexible plastic filler [bog], would be needed & repainting, replacement of decals/stickers required, adding to expenses.

Another method used, is a two-pot bonding material which is expensive, messy, & not as strong as welding.

Yamaha XJ900 Instrument Cluster

RH mounting ripped out with numerous cracks & LH stud ripped out.
The cluster was completely stripped & all guages removed.
I had to remove all traces of failed Epoxy before beginning the repair.
Other facia cracks were repaired, guages cleaned, lens polished & housing cleaned up before assembly. Whole job around NZ$200.

RH mounting reconstructed.


Honda CBR 1100 1990

The RH Headlight mounting lugs were broken & the LH missing altogether.
Exact alignment of the mounts was necessary for the headlight to fit perfectly.
LH mounts were cut from an auto headlamp & welded in place.
The polycarbonate lens has scrape marks at top left, (photographic right). these were polished out to an acceptable level.

These lamps are around NZ$1000.00!


Front shroud had been hot-air welded at LR top, it was miss-aligned & warped.
The RH shot shows the untouched finish of my repair. The owner will smooth it off & polish.

GEM 90cc rear guard repair

Bike guard reinforced underneath


 Scooter front panel

The white section has been hand made, welded in & later, painted.




The Kawasaki panel below has been welded via my plastic solution method. Though it still requires finishing, you can see that the repair has been carried out without removing & destroying the decals. The damaged green area does need filling & painting but the section above that will be colour matched to an acceptable standard, not perfect, but good enough for most.



Mobility Scooter repair


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