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Rain Harvesting

We now stock a range of Rain Harvesting products, including tanks, barrels and downpipe diverters

Anything plastic repaired!

Plastic Welding & Repairs, on all types of plastic.

Supply and repair new & used vehicle lighting & bumpers.
Please take advantage of our new Tail, Park & Indicator, acrylic or Polycarbonate lens repair service in Red, Amber, & Clear.

We are able to repair your Fax Machine, Printer, Photocopier, etc, which may have broken or cracked lock lugs, hinges, feeder trays etc.
In many cases these items are very expensive to replace or unobtainable and, as they are made of thermoplastic, cannot ever be glued successfully.

We also repair grilles, Rear-view Mirrors, Head & park lamps, dashboard/console holes etc.
We have special equipment for welding Polyurethane [PUR], thermoset, [Maxima] bumpers which allows a very strong repair.
We have a thermostatic, timer-controlled oven that allows quick, clean removal & replacement of Glass headlight & acrylic/PC tail lenses from their plastic bodies.
Correct temperature is critical for unsealing & resealing glass & plastic lenses without warping or destroying the plastic body of a lamp & the reflectors within.
Any fogged up lamp can be disassembled dried, cleaned, repaired, re-sealed & re-assembled quickly & economically. Lenses can be polished & re- UV protected.


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Brian Falkner
Plastic Welding Repairs Ltd

NOW AT: Unit 5 Ihakara Court. 24 Ihakara St. Paraparaumu 5032
(moved from 3 Argyle Avenue, Levin, Horowhenua)
New Zealand

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If its plastic, we can fix it!

(Please send a formal detailed job order with any item for repair. Accounts on delivery or Electronic payment)