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Expensive Makita saw driven over.

This was a challenge to ID the type of plastic.


Back together probably stronger than before.
I used two methods of repair here; Hot-Air & chemical welding. I built up the weak areas inside & gave it some extra strength on the outside.

Petrol Hedge trimmer.
Forend handle broken at base

McCulloch Line Trimmer.
Shown is the lock lever & the Throttle Trigger which has the cable lever broken. These items are unobtainable new here in NZ, the only option, I was told, was to buy a new trimmer.

Determining the exact type of plastic is critical & can take some time.
I was able to weld it & make it stronger than original.

I also advised the owner on the probable cause of the break, the throttle cable was hanging up on the carburettor linkage.

As you can see, this is a very new machine.

Hitachi Electric hedge Trimmer.

The handle has been rejoined & reinforced both sides & the switch mounting has been completely rebuilt.
These days, the repaired area would be colour matched in plastic.

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