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We now stock a range of Rain Harvesting products, including tanks, barrels and downpipe diverters

200 Litre Barrel for Garden Water only, with tap and quality Kiwi made down pipe diverter kit. 
Previous use non toxic but is only for Garden water not Potable/drinking. 
Water Blast Cleaned & checked. Comes with 1m x 20mm hose & quality pipe fittings. 
Easy DIY job to fit. Instructions provided.  Barrel & Kit priced at. $160.00 
If multiple linked barrels are required I can provide all pipe fittings, hose etc 
Delivery possible, reasonable fee negotiable for Kapiti/Manawatu/Horowhenua. Diverter kit without barrel $115.00
All prices GST inclusive, subject to change                                                                                        

NZ Made Hi-Volume Rainwater Diverter for Pools & Ponds, 80mm Kit - $130.00
65mm adaptor kit $20.00 extra.
 Check your downpipe size. 
Does not restrict normal downpipe flow. [Leaf Slide & pipe fitting not included]
Comes with wall mount bracket.
 Easy fitment with minimum tools required.


Garden Planter. 1/2 200L Plastic Barrel. Get your kids growing veges at home!
Grow your own! Drilled for drainage. Handle holes cut in each end for easy transportation.
 Very light, last forever.  $30.00. 900mm x 570mm  Weight just under 5kg. Can cut in half other way same price.


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