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Digital Cameras

The main problem with home handyman superglue repairs, is the time taken to remove it all! The user has no control over where it goes so, on cameras & other complicated devices, where there are many small pockets/cavities & lugs, Super Glue will flow to these places and glue them up too. Superglue does have chemicals that affect camera plastics but will not effect a proper repair.

Before I can do my thing, I have to remove all traces of it, this takes time.

Battery lids are often abused.
Minute tabs & sliding locks can break very easily. This Kodak has had the snap lock on the lip of the lid rebuilt.


Another Kodak with lid problems.
This one has a hinged, sliding lock arrangement.

The hinge had broken and all the lock tabs were missing. An attempt to repair this with super glue made the job a real chore. The base plate was glued to the main body and it had to be removed. At least an hour spent achieving this & cleaning it all off. Lock tabs measuring 2mm to 3mm were rebuilt & ground to shape with a Dremel grinder.

Canon SLR.
Dropped causing cracks & damaged battery clasp area.

It's fixed. Very fiddly work!


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