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Dental, Plastic Bodied Electronic



Curing Lights, Amalgamators, Delivery System items,
X-Ray Machine Knobs etc.
Fax, Photocopy, Printer Machines.
Curing Lights

Cradle welded & re-attached & band around body of curing light.

Vivadent Heliolux
Typical damage with failed superglue repair & silicone repair around lead clamp.
New nose & strengthening strap on top of curing light gun & cradle modified slightly.
Typical nose, head & trigger damage
New nose cone, cracks repaired.


Espe Curring light control box. Push Button Switches are weak.
Shown is redesigned switch mounting.



Kerr Automix
vibrating arm repair



Apart from my general plastic repairs, I am able to provide a repair service for your cracked & broken optical curing lights, Autoclaves, mixing systems, X-ray machines and other valuable items of plastic manufacture.

I can save you, your department, or your customers time & $$$$$$. Many of these items are thrown away and new machines purchased as permanent plastic repairs in the past were not available. It is important for you NOT to try to glue or repair yourself, the great majority of plastics cannot be glued, all it does is ad to the labour content of any repair.

Repairs can be effected very economically especially when compared to replacement costs and allowing for down time. The finished product can often turn out stronger than original. the repair process so that the finish & strength of these types of repairs is even better than those shown above.

Your machine can be couriered quickly & cheaply, to and from my premises.

Obviously, secure packaging is essential.


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