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Business Office Equipment & Machines



Fax, PC's,
Hair Salon Equipment.

Fax paper guide repair & modify.
The clear acrylic paper guides locating lugs were missing so I made new ones
& designed & fabricated a simple support
to improve its strength.

IBM Laptop Hinge Repair

There was very little plastic to work
with in this application so I designed
a stainless steel support for it.
cost $250.00

Welonda Climazon Type S2 Permanent Hair waving Machine.

They always looked like some diabolical torture device to me!

The lower heater arms had broken away & the whole machine needed a good clean, a lot of glue had to be cleaned off & the wheels were clogged solid with hair

Both photos are after shots, it didn’t look very nice before.

Personal Computer Damage & Repair

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