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Remote locking controls, RHD Conversions, Roof Pods.

Motorcycle Fairings, Quads, Trail Bikes etc click on the link above.

2003 Puegeot acrylic RH tail lamp.
Section from LH lamp cut, heat shaped & fitted to RH lamp for insurance job.
7.5 hours later!

Nissan Serena Tail Lamp Repair.


Mitsubishi front bumper broken in to six pieces [ABS Plastic]
before & after. Repaired by Plastic Solution method.
No heat means no warpage and minimal final filler/finishing.


Primera grille extension.
ABS plastic. Badly damaged.

Reconstructed item prior to painting


1992 Porsche Carrera 4.
custom console adaption. Client wanted cassette holder converted to compartment.

Looks like it was made for it!


Headlight, waterlogged & rusty. [damage to body]
Lens removed by heating in commercial oven to seperation temperature, lamp dried out in the process. Lamp completely stripped, body repaired, lenses & reflectors cleaned & polished then reassembled & resealed in the oven.

Toyota Townace Centre lamp.
RH section from another lamp joined.

Truck Door Panel, Cracked, Broken, Bits Missing.



Door Controls LHD



Late Chevrolet truck RHD conversion.
Door electrics/arm rests. Modified centre sections will be wet & dry smoothed & painted or plastic coated.





Caravan waste Tanks

Holes cut & threaded & fittings supplied




Radiater fan shrouds repaired

Toyota Prius LH Mirror rebuild.
Make & shape missing piece.

Prorack reinforced & supported.
These types of storage pods are made as light as possible and will crack & break up if not well supported. It does not pay to drive around with them empty for any length of time as they will crack & break up!

Happy customer!

Garage Creeper




Mercedes headlamp. mounting lugs welded back on


Falcon GTP front bumper.
lower left front repair.


Toyota Hi-Ace 1996 Grille repair.

The RH leg is broken & one half of an inner retainer clip mount is missing.

The repair below is ready for
sanding & polishing or painting.


I made a piece to fit & attached it, then did the final finishing work.



Mondeo ('98) Bumper Repair.

Mondeo bumpers are made from PC/PBT, a very difficult plastic to work with.
This one has a broken air-con access cover, numerous cracks & a piece missing.

Here I have made the missing piece along with its cover retainer lug (arrowed).


Here it is welded in.

The job done!




Recaro Seat out of a Mitsi evo 8

The left side of the upper support was damaged internally by an over amourous couple [Married!], [who shall remain annonymous], leaving the whole left side unsupported. This caused the left rear lower corner split as shown in the 2nd pic.

Recaro seats are built to withstand some really violent G forces but apparently NOT this particular type of 'G' force!

The 3rd pic shows the 2 ripped off brackets.



Welding the brackets back on & adding some extra strength!

The repaired rear section.

(I could not guarantee my work if they continued in their over-zealous
automotive-non-conformist activities ;-)


Central Locking Remote.
Case was badly cracked with bits missing & snap locks damaged.



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