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Plastic Welding & Repairs on all types of plastic

Automotive. Agricultural. Domestic. Industrial. Marine. Laboratory.

Brian Falkner

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Hot Air & Fusion Welding. Chemical Welding. Adhesive Bonding.

Cars, Trucks, 4x4’s, Quads, Motorcycles, Headlight body repairs & Glass lens replacement service. Tail/side/indicator lamp lens repairs in Red/Amber & Clear. Mobility Scooters, Mowers, Computers, Business Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Toys, Water, Fuel, Spray Tanks, Wheelie Bins, Fridge doors, Canoes, Sun Glasses, Freezers, power tools.

Special Guttering Angles, Farm Troughs, Irrigator Pipes, Calf Feeders, Fertilizer spreaders, Custom Fabrication.

If it’s Plastic, Try Us!
Mobile Service Available


I am a specialist dedicated plastic welder repairer, one of few on in the country and I will tackle anything at all.

Repairs to the usual bumpers, and grilles, Rear-view Mirrors, Head & park lamps, dashboard/console holes etc. We have a thermostatic, timer-controlled oven that allows quick, clean removal & replacement of Glass headlight & acrylic/PC tail lenses from their plastic bodies. Correct temperature is critical for unsealing & resealing glass & plastic lenses without warping or destroying the plastic body of a lamp & the reflectors within. Any fogged up lamp can be disassembled dried, cleaned, repaired, re-sealed & re-assembled quickly & economically. Lenses can be polished & re-UV protected.

Many modern Headlights have Polycarbonate (PC), lenses which deterioate with age (UV damage), and will eventually fail a WOF test. Replacement lenses are usually not available, new lamps can cost from $500 to $2000 each!

UV Damage leaves lenses looking yellowed & crazed. This means the UV protection film has diminished. If the yellow is simply polished off, any remaining UV filter is removed leaving no protection for the lens at all. You can expect it to last only a few months, especially in summer before it's worse than before.

The proper cure is to carefully clean, treat & polish the lens and reapply a UV
coating over the whole lens. I do this with a material that acts as a chip/stone protector. The whole process is quick & very economical.
Cost, depending on headlamp size is generally from $80 to $120 per pair.

This film is ideal for protecting your expensive glass lensed lamps too.

Body front chip protector films applied as well.

We also repair Tail, Park & Indicator lenses in RED, AMBER, & CLEAR.

Fax Machines, Printers, Photocopiers, Digital cameras, Dentists Curing lights, X-ray machines, Road bike fairings etc, which may have pieces missing, broken or cracked lock lugs, hinges etc, may be repaired or modified using an exclusive self-developed Process. All these items are made of thermoplastic & cannot ever be glued successfully. It is important for you to retain all & any broken pieces to allow an economical repair. Sellotape any bits to the machine body.

I repair; McDonalds Play areas, water slides, Kevlar canoes, Plastic Boats, inflatable’s, fishing Floats etc.

As an Automotive Engineer of some experience I am able to execute mechanical repairs in conjunction with, or where a plastic solution is not practicable.

Please send a detailed job order and all contact details with any item for repair.

I‘d like to be of service to you! We are only as far away as a courier.

Email>  pwrl@clear.net.nz 
Phone>    Mobile +64 (21) 67 68 65 
umshayikhwela TradeMe > PlasticDoctor